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A Matter of Taste
Summary: So... out of all the races of Middle-earth, who are the best lovers?
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Adrienne's fault, entirely. She got me started on this silly line of speculation, she suggested the framework for the story, she gave me the reason why Frodo and Sam's minds are in the gutter, and she pestered me until I finished it.

Summary: A PWP involving a blindfold and gathering courage.
Rating: NC-17
Notes: My first real hobbitsmut, written to cheer up a friend.

Summary: Frodo pays a visit to Buckland.
Rating: G
Notes: The result of the beautiful red roses that bloomed in a garden on my street, past which I walk every day, which led to the last scene in this story, which led (in the way of plotbunnies) to the story as a whole. (And this is the house that Thia built.)

Bright Eyes
Summary: Did you think Gollum only wanted the Ring?
Rating: R
Notes: An example of where the same idea can go in very different directions. For Adrienne, this same concept turned into First Watch. For me...

Crossing Cards
Summary: Summer Fair in Bywater, and the fortuneteller's tent is open for business.
Rating: PG
Notes: Set a week or two before 'In The Hayloft'. The description of the Tarot cards are loosely based on the Rider-Waite deck, and the spread is even more loosely based on the Celtic Cross formation.

Summary: Rosie's view of the long wait between the end and the beginning.
Rating: PG
Notes: I've never liked stories where Rosie exists solely to create angst for Frodo and Sam. A snippet wherein I tried to decide what she would have thought of the situation.

Summary: Frodo admits he knows where Elves may be seen. Rating: NC-17
Notes: A story written from this picture and the teaser for the Extended Edition.

Far Over Wood
Summary: The night at Crickhollow, book-canon.
Rating: R
Notes: Joking with Adrienne, I declared my intention to write a series of F/S first times set in every possible location along the Quest. Alas, this will probably never come to be. This single story will have to do.

Fine Words
Summary: The way to a hobbit's heart isn't through poetry.
Rating: R
Notes: First report back on the Extended Edition of FotR included the tale of a poetic hobbit wooing Rosie, and Sam's reaction thereto. Not slashy, said the source. Ha, said I, you're just not trying hard enough, and this is what followed.

*new* For Eyes To See
Summary: Frodo's perceptions in Rivendell.
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Take some Sam-worship. Add the fact that I somehow missed writing that hobbit fanfic stand-by, the Rivendell story. Toss in a discussion about fanon, and a quote from LotR 'He may become like a glass filled with clear light for eyes to see that can.' ...and thank yous to the lovely folk of Hobbitfic, for beta-reading without a net.

Hot Chocolate
Summary: In which Frodo is quite possibly a cock-tease.
Rating: R
Notes: Adrienne wanted hot chocolate in the first place, Mirabella made me think about whether Frodo knows he's hot, and Versaphile wanted hobbits in the snow.

In the Hayloft
Summary: Hay. Rain. And no shame whatsoever.
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Het content (Fredegar Bolger/Rosie Cotton), gratuitous manipulation of Shire geography so Farmer Cotton is now somewhere in the vicinity of Farmer Maggot instead of Hobbiton, and even more gratuitous quotation of John Donne.

Now Are Frolic (with Adrienne)
Summary: Overlithe Night in Tuckborough. Need we say more?
Rating: R
Notes: The result of too little sleep, too much Vanilla Coke, and a trip to the Hartford Athenaeum. No, really.

Summary: Sam is Frodo's stalker. Frodo is willingly stalked. Discuss.
Rating: R
Notes: From a challenge by Adrienne, in almost exactly the words of the summary.

Pippin's Education
Summary: Pippin's reached an age where he's got a few questions, and Merry won't answer them. Next-best option? Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee.
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Set approximately eight years after 'In The Hayloft'.

Snippet: Being A Discussion In Minas Tirith
Summary: The Fellowship, after the War of the Ring, sitting around and talking.
Rating: G
Notes: My standard reaction to fanfic that annoys me is to write a snippet. This was in reaction to one too many Frodo/Aragorn stories.

So Priketh Hem Nature In Hir Corages
Summary: Spring, Frodo's eyes, and unexpected beginnings.
Rating: NC-17
Notes: The prequel to 'Blinded'.

Three Snippets About Sleep
Summary: Frodo, Sam, and, er, sleeping. Or not.
Rating: R
Notes: Written during a month when RL commitments led to sleep deprivation on my part.

Trio: A Lothlorien Counterpoint
Summary: The last night in Lothlorien. Inspired by, but not a sequel to, Adrienne's 'Trio: A Rivendell Suite'.
Rating: R
Notes: Also contains Legolas/Gimli and Merry/Pippin.

Wedding Nights
Summary: the theory of the First Time, with three illustrations.
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Three stories for the price of one! 'In Privacy' (Freddy/Rosie) takes place approximately a year after 'In The Hayloft'. 'Sneaking Off' (Merry/Pippin) occurs about a year after 'Pippin's Education'. And 'Generally Acknowledged' (Frodo/Sam) is set nine months or so before 'In The Hayloft' (and six months after 'Planting Seeds', which is in the zine VILYA and thus cannot be posted here).

Words And Words: A Thought
Summary: Sam considers alternatives. Frodo tries to be supportive.
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Born from a discussion about sex in slash. Someone averred that it isn't really sex unless one particular act occurred. Hmmm, I thought, but Frodo and Sam haven't. Would they? When and How and Why?

Words And Words: An Action
Summary: Sam continues to consider alternatives, Frodo proves he is not helpless in the kitchen, and experimentation begins.
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Adrienne asked me if Frodo and Sam had actually said I love you to each other in this universe. Well, no. And that, combined with 'A Thought', led to this story.

*new* World Without End
Summary: Frodo waits, and Bilbo watches.
Rating: G
Notes: Written as a mathom for the first birthday of RingbearersRemembered.

General / Other Pairings

A Children's Guide to Lord of the Rings
Summary: Dick and Jane? Give me Frodo and Sam.
Rating: G
Notes: The product of entirely too much caffeine and entirely too little to do.

As It Began
Summary: Faramir and Eowyn and not quite happily ever after, but close.
Rating: G
Notes: A song-vid without actual pictures, to Queen's 'White Queen (As It Began)'.

Learning His Lesson
Summary: How Meriadoc Brandybuck lost his virginity.
Rating: NC-17
Notes: In fanfic, the first time always seems to go perfectly. What if it didn't?

Thia's MSTs

Original Story Rating: NC-17
Notes/Summary: In which Pippin is practical, Frodo is mortified, and Sam worries about lube.

Original Story Rating: PG
Notes/Summary: In which Sam isn't made of sugar, and Ewan MacGregor clones are narrowly averted

Original Story Rating: PG
Notes/Summary: In which Frodo plays Luke Skywalker, and the Misty Mountains are misplaced.

Original Story Rating: NC-17
Notes/Summary: In which Arwen waves around sewing shears, and hobbit aesthetics are discussed.