Here you will find hobbits aplenty, a few humans, and I think there's an elf and a dwarf over there in the corner. But mostly hobbits, especially Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee. Frodo and Sam and the love between them are at the heart of my writing. Which brings us to:

Warning and Disclaimer

The stories here include explicit descriptions of sexual activity, most of it same-sex sexual activity. If that doesn't appeal to you, please turn around and go no further. Story content ranges from G to NC-17, and each story is marked accordingly: if you are under legal age in your part of the world, please limit yourself to the stories marked G, PG and PG-13.
Finally, I am not Tolkien, one of his heirs, or otherwise possesed of a legal claim on the characters and setting herein. Nor do I make any sort of profit other than my own pleasure in the writing.